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Amber Wolf

Alpha Healing Access – CD

Alpha Healing Access – CD

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Amber has had many requests, over the years, from her yoga students for an extended version of savasana, the meditative integration time following the postures of yoga class. That was just the beginning of her creation of this exciting new CD. Using the ancient scientific yogic technology of yoga nidra (translated as “the sleep of yogis”), and the modern wonders of a digital recording studio in the wilds of northern Wyoming, Alpha Healing Access was born to be a vehicle for conscious healing. Using the alpha and theta brainwave states, the listener is brought to a place of reverent stillness, where miracles of healing can occur.

Along with her husband, Sid Wolf, PhD, and dear friends of twenty-five years, Tupelo and Janey Kenyon of Riversong Studio, this inspirational, soul enhancing method of healing was created. The “team” felt that they gave birth to something beyond their wildest dreams, as though they were helped by an invisible “team” of Angels.

Dr. Amber believes that, though this technology is based in ancient teachings, it is truly appropriate at this time of world chaos and conflict to help heal the body, mind, heart and souls of countless individuals. She recommends that you listen to it every day, with headphones, when possible.


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