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Amber Wolf

Dr. Sid Wolf’s Spiritual Healing Legacy – Download

Dr. Sid Wolf’s Spiritual Healing Legacy – Download

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There is gratitude in my heart for such a spiritually and energetically profound system that has the potential to change how we live every day. The greatest part of Sid’s legacy and how he lived his life. Let the consistent practice and the connection to the ‘unseen ones’ enhance the power that leads to personal transformation.

~Amber ~ Namaste.

“Here is an ancient healing system that potentiates and transmutes energy into a higher form that can be used to heal and revitalize the body, expand consciousness and facilitate spiritual growth. This system was released to me after centuries, and brought forth by Master Chia, a Chi Kung and yoga Master Teacher, in 1996. This moving meditation uses breath (prana), visualization and hand positions (mudras) to bring earth and cosmic energy (chi) into the body, through the heart center; all of body’s energy centers (chakras) are then charged and balanced, bringing many levels of healing energy to the body, emotions and spirit.” — Sid Wolf, PhD


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