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Amber Wolf

Lemurian Sisterhood Spiral Initiation – Download

Lemurian Sisterhood Spiral Initiation – Download

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I have been given the gift of a Prophecy: to reestablish The Lemurian Sisterhood, a Sacred Circle that honors and empowers the Divine Feminine. My mission and my passion are to reawaken the women who were once the integral foundation of spiritually based society. Women stand at the center of the Sacred Circle that carries life and creates families. Our families are broken; our world out of balance. We must heal, honor and empower our women for our world to be restored. Sisters – it is our collective challenge to rebuild the consciousness and grace of the first Lemurian experiment. and to reclaim our places of esteem with our awakening Lemurian DNA. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for; we are the Sisters of the New Lemuria.

  • Track One: Introduction to The New Lemuria (10 minutes)
  • Track Two: Lemurian Sisterhood: Spiral Initiation (20 minutes).


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