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Amber Wolf

Sacred Songs of the Lemurian Sisterhood – Download

Sacred Songs of the Lemurian Sisterhood – Download

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Sacred Songs of the Lemurian Sisterhood have been brought to life after 26,000 years (at least) at the urging of Kryon to Mele’ha (Dr. Amber Wolf); Kryon stated that she was the last Priestess of Lemuria. These songs were sung and chanted by the women of the Lemurian Sisterhood Sacred Circles – the meetings that were held regularly on Lemuria to anchor that spiritual civilization.

The songs were for birthing, healing, visioning, celebration and gratitude to the Ancient Star-Beings who were the original parents of the spiritual civilization of Mu, or Lemuria.

These first songs have come through me as a gift of my Akash Awakening; my remembering, and the *Goddesses drawn into my life. The Ancient Ones, the Pleiadian Star Mothers,  are always speaking to me, giving me their gifts of wisdom – and their point of view of humanity. Now I give these songs to you to hear, sing and chant – to feel in your soul and your DNA. Let them carry you to times past, to a garden where balance, abundance, and peace was how we lived. Let that peace grow in your heart and carry you on your journey in the world today.

My deepest heartfelt thanks to *Ann Dorsey Emmons for the inspiration and generosity of We Are the Women. It was Ann’s original song by this name (and music) that inspired this version of her moving anthem. Dearest Sister, you are the embodiment of a sacred, ancient woman walking on the Earth today!

*Terry Garthwaite is a mentor and creator extraordinaire of sounds from the soul. She encourages empowerment and delight and radiates the healing nature of music. She generously gave her creation Sacred Circles to this album.


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