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Amber Wolf

Thumb Drive – Nine Albums

Thumb Drive – Nine Albums

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Welcome to my contribution to the digital world! I love being able to give you all NINE of my albums for only $44, and its so easy to transport. That’s right! The entire history of my healing and meditation albums, including my newest one, Sacred Songs of the Lemurian Sisterhood.  Play it anywhere you can plug in a thumb/flash drive; your computer, your car, your music player. This thumb drive is made from environmentally friendly bamboo – tough and aesthetically beautiful.

Contains these healing meditations, songs and journeys: Alpha Healing Access, Healing Wave Meditations, Yoga Will Set You Free, Mining Your Akashic Records, Affirmations for Transformation, Letting Go Into Deep Sleep, Lemurian Sisterhood Spiral Initiation, Dr. Sid Wolf’s Spiritual Healing Legacy, and Sacred Songs of the Lemurian Sisterhood. You can read about these CD’s and listen to excerpts of them on the product pages. Enjoy!


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