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Amber Wolf

Yoga Will Set You Free – CD

Yoga Will Set You Free – CD

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This 50-minute CD leads you through a complete session of Amrit Yoga®, the Posture of Consciousness, and connects you with the ancient roots and fundamental principles that are at the core of all yoga.

“Yoga is the harnessing and harmonizing of stress-producing, conflicting forces played out through the physical, mental and emotional bodies. The true purpose of yoga is to silence the reactions, measured not by your physical flexibility, but by your conscious mind, and enter the state of integration. The impact of yoga is mobility, psychic receptivity and openness. This consciousness-centered training, where flexibility is secondary to sourcing the spirit, allows both beginners and advanced students to maximize the power of yoga in practice.” — Yogi Amrit Desai, creator of Amrit Yoga and Kripalu Yoga.

What differentiates Amrit Yoga® from other styles of yoga is creating a meditative space between each posture. Here is a quiet refuge from the mind and integration of released energy. When the mind is quiet, body, heart and soul find healing, peace and the deepest freedom.


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